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    Site Migration Development

    We have a Wordpress site which was being hosted by another business. We switched over to GoDaddy Wordpress pro1 hosting. I migrated the site using the instructions given, but am having issues obtaining the nameservers from the other host, so we have a temporary GoDaddy domain.


    My question is: until said time when I do receive the nameservers, can I still work on the site development?  Do I work on the original "old hosting" site or on the migrated GoDaddy site? I really don't want to modify twice.

    Thank you in advance for your expertise. 

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    Re: Site Migration Development



    If the site is going to be hosted by GoDaddy, you need to change the DNS to GoDaddy nameservers.   The nameservers for the old host you are moving away from really don't matter at this point.


    In the meantime you want to work on the GoDaddy site.  That will be the new site and the one that, once you update the domain's DNS to reflect the correct GoDaddy hosting nameservers is the site that will be live to the world.


    Any modifications or changes made to the "old hosting" site will have to be mirrored on the "new" GoDaddy site.  So the sooner you change the domain's nameservers to your GoDaddy hosting nameservers, the less work you will have to do!


    HTH! 😉

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