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    Moving My Site to Wordpress

    Hey all,

    First, forgive my ignorance--I'm a novice.  My site's domain has been registered with GoDaddy for a long time.  The site itself was built (hosted?) on a free Tumblr.  I want to move the site to Wordpress and rebuild it completely.


    What's the recommendation in terms of domain/hosting for this move?  Do I need to transfer everything to Wordpress (domain & hosting)?  Can the domain stay with GoDaddy and I just sign up for a Wordpress plan for hosting?  


    And, nuts and bolts, what do I need to do for the actual url to start showing up on the Wordpress build and no longer on Tumblr?


    Thanks so much in advance,


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    Re: Moving My Site to Wordpress



    Here's the *basic* process...  


    => Get hosting -- you can try Managed WordPress which comes with WordPress all setup and ready to go.   You'll also have a temporary URL to use while working on the new site until you get it ready to launch.   Being GoDaddy is your registrar nothing to do with that yet.


    => You can import posts from a Tumblr blog. Install Tumblr Importer and follow the instructions.

    1. Log into that WordPress site as an administrator.
    2. Go to ToolsImport in the Administration Screen.
    3. Click "Install Now" link under the "Tumblr" if you have not yet installed it.
    4. Click "Run Importer" link.
    5. Follow the instructions in the screen.
      1. Create an 'app' on Tumblr that provides a connection point between your blog and Tumblr's servers.
      2. Copy and paste the "OAuth Consumer Key" and "Secret Key"
      3. Click "Connect to Tumblr"
      4. More on Importing here.

    => Then, install the theme you want to use and any plugins, tweak and customize. 

    => When you are ready to launch, you change your domain's DNS nameservers back to GoDaddy and change the WordPress install to your dot com in your WordPress dashboard at  Settings > General: WordPress Address and Site Address fields.


    HTH! 😉


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    Re: Moving My Site to Wordpress

    Thanks so much @Muse!