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    Cant install plugins/ internal server error/ need help!


    I have been trying everything for days to figure this out.

    First day I purchased my hosting and domain I couldn't upload my template. I had a few older templates and they would install the template but then the plugins wouldnt fully install and kept returning the 500 server error.   I contacted godaddy and they said they had an update and that there servers maybe down.

    I waited another day and still had the same trouble. I contacted godaddy again and they said it was my template and I needed to contact the creators. I did and they redirected me to the being a problem with my hosting. I have now tried about 4 different templates paid and not paid and none of them will fully install theplug-ins which are needed for the templates to run.

    I was going to try and increase memory through the sftp and it won't connect. Does anyone have any idea what is going on?


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    Re: Cant install plugins/ internal server error/ need help!

    What kind of hosting do you have? 


    Can you upload and activate themes from within WordPress that don't require you to upload from your computer? Go to themes > add new > and install a theme from the WordPress repository. If this works, this means the hosting/wordpress can take theme installs, and narrows the issue down to the uploaded theme. If you cannot install from that repository, I would reinstall wordpress on the server, or reset the hosting entirely. Then upload the theme first and see if it works. If not, at that point I would call hosting support at GoDaddy and have them verify the server is responding appropriately. 


    All the best, 

    Benjamin Howell