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    Cannot access WP Admin Panel



    I have a wordpress site hosted on godaddy. This site is continuously redirecting to mysite.co.uk//wp-admin/install.php.


    I have used a filezilla to disable the plugins but this hasn't stopped the problem.


    Setting up forwarding in the DNS doesn't cure the problem.


    The site has an SSL certificate, does this matter?


    Does anyone have any advice on what I can do next?

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    Re: Cannot access WP Admin Panel



    If you've not touched the wp-config.php file this is a server-side issue.


    Get on the phone with GoDaddy Support.  This is known to happen when WordPress exceeds maximum queries per hour limit causing the database to hiccup.  Only support can help determine what the true cause is on the server-side in order to resolve for you.


    HTH! 😉



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    Re: Cannot access WP Admin Panel



    Thanks for the advice. I'll get in touch with them.

    Re: Cannot access WP Admin Panel

    Hey there, thanks for your response, well unfortunately i did not pay for that service so even if I call them asking for this PARTICULAR help maybe some of them wont do it like the person who I spoke or if you are lucky someone can get you at least by giving you a few tips, thats what have asked but I did not pay for that particular service even getting a little bit mad I cant complain..... well it is what it is. if someone knows that stuff feel free to give me a few tips or anything you can write it down or contact me it will be very helpful. I spent all my money so i gotta figure it out by myself and watching whatever on  youtube channell.... thanks a lot you guys as well.

    Re: Cannot access WP Admin Panel

    hello there, yes I  called them, but he did not give the information, sometimes its better because that you I have to go searching, study, and learning how to do it by myself. And save some money as well