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Delegating Access Security Issue



Is there anyway to delegate access to someone so they will only have access to the project they are working on, like the domain or the panel.


Right now when we delegate someone a access, they get to have access to entire company information, all the DNS settings, all the email settings, they can even cancel a product.


Is there anyway to limit this? So far we couldn't find any work around for this huge security issue. 




Re: Delegating Access Security Issue

Same thing applies if I wish to only have someone access to my blog, I have to give them access to my entire Godaddy portal a little excessive.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: Delegating Access Security Issue

Thanks for the suggestions @OneDayYouMay. At present, there isn't a way to limit access for users granted Delegate access or access via the Pro dashboard, but we appreciate the feedback. I'll pass this on. We're always looking for ways to improve. 


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Re: Delegating Access Security Issue

Sorry but this is utterly disgraceful.


There is a permission level -


Domains Only
Access to manage specific domains only. Choose individual domains under My Domains.


When selected should give access to ZERO domains.  I spent an hour trying to find the setting under "My Domains" only to find the person I delegated access to had access to all of my domains the entire time.