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uninstall Wordpress to use website builder

How can I uninstall already hosted site on Wordpress and then to use and host website using website builder?


Re: uninstall Wordpress to use website builder

Greetings and Welcome @Dawn27! There's good news and bad news....First, the content on Wordpress® and Website Builder are not directly compatible (you can, of course use images and text saved locally or in your library from the prior in the latter). However, there is no direct export/import path.


What some people do is set up Website Builder using a different domain name, build the site they like and then swap the domain names out, followed by shutting down the Wordpress®  hosting. Of course, you'll need an alternate domain and the Website Builder.


Once built, instructions for changing the domain name are on - just specify your Website Builder version, or if you want help on a walk-through contact 24/7 Support (it usually takes a few days to step through due to propagation / internet notification). And no worries on a wasted domain name, you can always forward that to the new website.


I hope that helps,

Thomas D. - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
24/7 support available at



Re: uninstall Wordpress to use website builder

Thank you so much.