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sql db migration.

Hi all
I have 2 GD accounts .
I want to migrate a sql db form one account to the other .
I understand the way to do this is to export to the .mysql_backup folder , copy that file to the .mysql_backup folder in the other account, then import using phpMyadmin.
The problem I have is that the  recieving .mysql_backup folder will not allow the upload.
Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

Helper VI

Hello @rockhaggis


Regarding this

The problem I have is that the  recieving .mysql_backup folder will not allow the upload

What error do you get?

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I have the sql backupfile local.
using FileZilla I try to upload to .mysql_backup folder
Filezillas activity shows this:

Command:    STOR rockhaggisblogs.sql
Response:    553 Can't open that file: Permission denied
Error:    Critical file transfer error