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Website not found

After Go Daddy moved me to Economy Web Hosting, I can't access mysite.  When I hit the root, I get 401 even though anonymous is setup.  When I put in an ftp cred, I get a 404 for the root which should be the index.  Somehow after the move, the IIS root is no longer tied to either the physical directory or the structure is missing even though I look in file manager and it all seems to be there.  Any help or guidance here before I dump Go Daddy for a new hosting provider?


Re: Website not found

Hey there!


I had the exact same issue with my website. 

For example for testing 


say my website is 


When i go there it says Error 404 page not found'


But say you have another page on your website (*GoDaddy is caps sensitive*)


Say the page is called AboutMe




If this does not work try the root extention and make sure that your home file is called Index.html


Thats all we can do today!


for more help send us a message thru live chat