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WSYWIG HTML / Web Page Applications

It's been about 10 years since I've used anything like Dreamweaver to create web pages.  Since then, whatever web work I've done has been mostly with WordPress.  


I have recently migrated one of my bigger web projects ( from Media Temple to GoDaddy.  


At Media Temple, I created the "front end" of the site with Wordpress.  That gave me the menus I needed across the top for resources and links to other parts of the site, as well as a sidebar where I could show other resources.  That was all fairly easy to configure in WordPress. 


The heart of the site is actually the phpBB installation at - it's a gathering place for people who are building nuclear fusion reactors in their basements and garages.... because who doesn't want to do that?? 


Apparently there was some kind of conflict between the WP databases and the phpBB databases which basically means that I have to find another means of creating the "front end" of the site ( ) with the new user resources and links to the deeper parts of the site and forums. 


So I need some recommendations for a "flat" HTML editor (or, god forbid, I am finally going to have to learn how CSS works...).  I just want to be able to create some .html docs around a basic template and ftp them on to the site's new servers at GoDaddy.  


There might be a "hosting" service that GoDaddy offers that would serve my purpose, but I really don't want to have to pay a monthly hosting charge; once I get the info online, I don't need an ongoing service.  It's a resource, not a business, ya know? 


So I wonder if anybody would care to recommend something along the lines of a scaled down, simplified version of Dreamweaver.  I just need to knock out a few pages...