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Strange behaviour from Godaddy

So on the 17th I open my site and everything is gone

I check with Godaddy and they tell me some files are missing

Only my programmer has access to FTP and she swears she did not delete anything

I did not take the backup (my fault) so I end up paying $200 extra and losing much of the work done

This is not the first time that it happens

Godaddy does not tell me who tool the files, IP or anything

My programmer tells me it is Godaddy who does this to get some extra cash from me

She has always been a good programmer and Godaddy tells me there has been no hack


Hey @Matteo72


First let me say welcome to the community! Smiley Happy


I can assure you that we do not remove files intentionally from the hosting plan to charge for restores. The only time files should ever be removed from our end is if the hosting plan in question had expired and been removed from your customer account. 


Our restore options (if available) is a courtesy service we offer to help restore missing content from our Data Center disaster recovery snapshots. We always advise maintaining your own backups as recovering content from snapshots generally requires administrative fees as our server admins have to search through the data to recover your site files. 


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I accidentally chose the wrong option upon hosting renewal.


GoDaddy deleted 9 of my domains and content.  They said it was my fault and I should have called them BEFORE choosing my hosting option.  


Now they want to charge me $150 for restoring only 3 of the website's.  I could pay them extra to restore all 9 of them.

Ridiculous.   I guess since I am going to have to rebuild all my sites, I will choose a new host.


I also cancelled one of my packages, but the charge is still pending.. can't wait for the headache that will come from having to have that fee reversed as well!!! 

I can't believe I lost countless hours of work.. and your response is "Oh well, you can pay us to fix it."..


Apparently my backups were deleted too. It's my fault for not saving hard copies, right?  I guess I should of assumed that saving them to my own hosting/domain provider was a BAD IDEA and they would screw me.  The directions were very unclear about the RISK OF LOSING ALL DATA.


I simply. can. not. believe. this.