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Stats? Support Ticket?

Went to my account to check #downloads/access for a specific PDF document, something we must do every year for our annual report, and found that our GoDaddy Linux web hosting product had been "sunsetted" and our stats collection turned off 6 months ago without notice. I really really need this data. I was hoping to contact support in the hopes that someone could look at the raw stats on the server for me. But I cannot find how to submit a help ticket?  I waited for chat only to be told that the only answer is to upgrade to cPanel for more money and start data collection again. That is not something I can do. 1) How does one submit a help ticket? 2) Why should I need to upgrade for stats collection?


Re: Stats? Support Ticket?

Hi @weimaster, thanks for posting.

GoDaddy doesn't offer email support. You can contact support by calling or chatting.

If the stats aren't available or weren't saved, then they wouldn't be available. Any logs available would be the server logs.


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