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Shared verses Dedicated Server

I have a level 3 Deluxe shared hosting plan, any ideas what real benefits i will get if i go to a dedicated hosting plan ?


Also my site is a cpanel site but all of my content is word press 

Super User II



Shared vs dedicated boils down to a few primary things:


1) Your skill level.  Share hosting includes all that back-end monitoring and configuring.  Where as on dedicated servers you are the administrator and control almost every aspect of the server's configuration and software lineup (and diagnostic and problem resolution).  With that a certain level of experience and knowledge is recommended and required.


2) Cost.  Shared is less expensive; dedicated more.


3) Speed and security.  Shared is shared -- so the opportunity for resource issues and compromises are more common.   With dedicated -- it's dedicated -- so the speed is all about you and how you config your site.  Dedicated is more also secure.


HTH! 😉

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