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Proble: Can't Receive emails on Outlook


         I would like to ask some help, my company's email is having some issues concerning on receiving incoming emails. I tried to send an email from other company's Email (Using 1and1 hosting) to our company's email (Godaddy). Automatically this message comes "Mail Delivery Failed: returning message to sender" it says that the email is non-existent ( Can you please help me...


Will highly appreciate it if someone can reply for a solution..


Hi @Eventikqatar, thanks for posting.

That error generally indicates that the email address in question is not setup. It can also indicate that the domain name itself is configured to use the wrong MX records, so it's pointing to the wrong email services. If this was previously working, it could also indicate that the email plan expired and that the plan/address was removed.


If you can log into the webmail for this address, then that would indicate that it's setup but the MX records are incorrect for your domain. Without knowing what email service you were using, I couldn't say what MX records that you should be using. However, the settings in your email plan should inform you of the correct records to use with your domain.



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