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Move hosting from BlueHost to GoDaddy



I have a Wordpress site currently hosted by Blue Host, while my domain and email are with GoDaddy. I'd like to have my hosting with GoDaddy too.


How do initiate this? Do I just pay for the hosting?


What's the process with transferring the hosting? Is it a lot of work? Will the site go down?


Please note I have absolutely no technical skills whatsoever!


Thank you

Super User II



Here's basically what is involved.  Mileage may vary based on the site(s) involved...


=> First you purchase your Managed WordPress hosting and be sure to select the option to use a temporary domain.  You can go back and designate your domain later. This allows you to work on your new site while the live site (domain) is on BH.


=> You can then migrate your site manually or by using a migration plugin.


=> Once you have the site looking and behaving as you desire, you designate your domain for your new hosting account and change the DNS from BH servers to GoDaddy Namservers.


=> You can then can cancel BH 7-10 days later.  I like leaving that much time to give everything the time to totally propagate to your new location.


HTH! 😉


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