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IIS App Pool Errors once a Day

I recently moved my website from a managed windows server to self-managed windows 2008. This website was running perfectly on the old server with lesser resources on it but on fully managed server the app pool hanging once a day at least. Forcing to stop and start the app pool manually to get the web running.


There is no trace of error at the event, warning or information. I also checked the web log.


Tried to adjust the app pool through all possible ways to troubleshot but no success yet.


Any help is way appreciated.




Helper VI

Since you said "any help is way appreciated" .... 🙂
I'm not familiar with Windows servers, but I am with Google 🙂
I have found two things that I think might help you.





I hope it will help you.
Good luck.



EDIT- Here is another one:


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Thanks for your help.


I definitely tried to recycle the app pool based on memory, time, etc.. Nothing is helping.


It is hard to find the cause, if there is a way to figure out how to restart the iis on 503 error then, it will solve the problem.


I can't manually recycle the app pool when i get it hanged, i stop the iis and recycle the app pool.