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I have questions about switching hosting packages.

We're considering switching hosting packages from the website builder to a Linux plan.  The major question is if the website we've already established in the builder will migrate over or will we have to start over?  Also, does the domain associated automatically switch or do we have to do that in our settings?


What's the best way to go through this process?  Would it be easier to call or just add the new plan though the site?



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Re: I have questions about switching hosting packages.

If you are able to call tech support, I highly recommend it, as they can discuss the options with you (I start with this because I am not a GD employee). 


If you move from the website builder to Linux, you won't be able to just airlift the site over. You'll have to start over. You can probably use some copy/paste to get the content ported over. The domain won't switch until you tell it to, but that's easy enough to do.

BUT... before you buy the Linux hosting, the important question is how you will build the new site. If you're going to use WordPress (which I highly recommend), consider going straight to the Managed WordPress hosting package, which is really optimized for that platform. You can install WordPress on the Linux hosting, but it's not quite as turnkey and there are some good features you would miss out on (such as nightly backups, and automatic WP core file updates).


For clients who have an existing site but want to do something similar, I usually recommend buying the new hosting, building the new site there using a temporary domain name (which GD can help you with easily). So your current site stays live while the new one is work in progress. Then when it's done, you can change the domain to point to the new hosting. This way, no down time in terms of what your current customers/visitors see.


Re: I have questions about switching hosting packages.

I currently have Wordpress installed in the Windows hosting plan. Is it possible to migrate over the website to a plan that uses cPanel or a Managed Wordpress plan?

Re: I have questions about switching hosting packages.

I also want to do the same, switch from windows hosting to linux with Cpanel and move my wordpress site to linux hosting. Did you get an answer to that ?