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Hosting Restore Fee

How many years have I been with GoDaddy?  Since they opened?  Apparantly there was a problem with billing on my credit card for $7.99.  Keep in mind I've paid for YEARS UPON YEARS and never missed a month.  Card was stolen, and received a notice from GoDaddy Billing Failed.  THEN Received RECEIPT for payment without making a change.  So.. appeared to be something with GoDaddy.  GoDaddy claims sent 2 emails, next email received was "EXPIRED" due to may 23 $7.99 apparently failing billing.  So I call to straighten it out.  They have DELETED 20 years of content !!! The SAME DAY they notified me and want $150 to click "folder restore" !  Which later after **5 HOURS** of chat and phone conversations they agree to make a small $79.99 fee over being LESS THAN 30 DAYS LATE ON $7.99 payment!!  They claim they keep the data 30 days.  May 23 payment was due, today is June 19.  Happy Birthday to me !  They want to EXTORT $79 for 20 years of data !!  I can't even make the payment, they already DELETED my web hosting account and data and emailed me TODAY less than 30 days to tell me, and ONLY recourse is to pay the ransom for my 20 years of design data !! Heck Ya GODADDY!


Re: BEWARE !! $150 extortion fee less than 30 days after missed $7.99 payment !!

Hello @MysticInsight ,


While we cannot address account specifics in The Community, it sounds like you had hosting expire and you had no content back-ups. While we know that recovery fees are not anyone's preferred method of back-up, it appears from your comments that it may be the only resource available to you at this point.

Please understand that when a hosting account is cancelled GoDaddy may retain the data for a limited time on other servers that GoDaddy uses for disaster recovery, not for customer archival purposes (we have recommended from the beginning that customer's back-up their own data). 

To restore our customer’s individual website, a GoDaddy server administrator would then need to provision a new and different server, and restore the comprehensive backups incrementally to the time of requested restoration.  

Once the server has been restored to the correct point in time, our server administrator would then access the server and make copies of our customer’s website files.  They would then upload these copies to our customer’s current hosting account.  

This process is costly in both time and manual effort.  To cover these costs, GoDaddy charges a nominal fee of $150.

Again, while this is not our preferred customer interaction it does reflect real-world costs.We apologize for any prior lack of clarity regarding what the fees related to, they relate to actual expenses and are not intended to be punitive.


I hope that helps (some, at least),

Thomas D. - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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Re: BEWARE !! $150 extortion fee less than 30 days after missed $7.99 payment !!

$80 is a small price to pay for 20 years of data. GoDaddy absolutely warned you that your account was past due. Pay your bills and stop whining. 


Re: BEWARE !! $150 extortion fee less than 30 days after missed $7.99 payment !!

No.. This is extortion. I don't believe it would take them more than a single click to "Restore" this site.

Re: Hosting Restore Fee

The scumbags just got me today for $160.  Incredibly stupid business move.  Once I get my data back from this hijacking I'll move to a different hosting provider.  So they lose years and years of future business in order to rip me off once.