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FTP Won't Connect

My attempts to use FTP result in timeouts.  Even from a naked command prompt, I never get a request for username.  CPanel seems to work fine for configuring FTP accounts, but I can't reach them from FileZilla or even the command prompt.
Oddly (?), my GoDaddy domains hosted at other sites work fine with FTP.

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Hi @JEPJR sorry that you are having issues with connecting to your hosting via FTP. Sounds like a possible network issue if are not even getting a request for a a username from command prompt. I would recommend running a trace route to see if there are any network issues between your location and your servers location. Here is how to run a trace on PC and on Mac. Hope this helps with troubleshooting the issue. Best regards, Brett M

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@BrettMaverick tracert runs to completion.  There are a couple of timeouts on the intermediate hops.  But I notice the same thing when running tracert on my sites hosted by other than GoDaddy.  Just the GoDaddy site fails the FTP connect.