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Drupal software updates: none for two years

I've been running Drupal on my website for a few years. It is


drupal-version-godaddy.pngI installed Drupal the first time using the automatic GoDaddy installer, and GoDaddy has updated the software a few times since then. However, there have been no updates since v7.31, which is two years old. (You can see it in the screenshot here.) I get no indications from GoDaddy any more that new versions are available. I am running other websites on the same account, using Wordpress, and I am still getting periodic update alerts for updating those packages.


Why does GoDaddy not release any more updates for Drupal?


In the meantime, my site has been broken into twice, by intruders who have inserted spam messages, modified pages, and created users. I had to use "drush" to get control back each time. I have not installed any unusual or non-standard plug-ins or themes, therefore I am inclined to believe that the lack of updates is what allows intruders to break in each time.

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There are definitely newer versions of Drupal past v7.31 @shuvam. I don't know if the GoDaddy installed version would automatically update you or if you need to update manually? If I recall from Drupal v7.X to Drupal 8.X there were some drastic changes so that there is a bit of migration needed along with template changes?


Perhaps the GoDaddy installed Drupal won't automatically update because of those changes? Drupal is actually at v8.4.2 as of November 2017 and there are Beta versions of 9.X I'd look into a manual upgrade so that you can get closer to the latest version. I think once you make the leap from 7.x to 8.x the updates will get easier?


You can start by reading the Automated D7 to D8 Migration Audit to get a since of what needs to be done. I hope that helps?

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Hi @rd, yes, there are certainly more recent versions of Drupal after 7.31. v7.31 was released in Aug 2014, more than three years ago.


Drupal 8.0-alpha2 was released in 2013. The release of Drupal 8 signalled the end-of-life for Drupal 6, not Drupal 7. Even today, new releases of both Drupal 7 and Drupal 8 are released regularly. Drupal 7.56 was released as recently as June 2017. Drupal 7 is therefore an actively maintained version. The suggestion that I need to switch to Drupal 8 just because Drupal 8 has been released doesn't hold water.


The question which remains unanswered is: why doesn't GoDaddy release new updates through their automatic installer?

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Understood @shuvam but I don't remember suggesting that you need to upgrade to 8.x? I was simply suggesting that perhaps there was a technical reason that an automatic upgrade was not done?  It doesn't sound like I need to mention the Upgrading to a Newer Version of Drupal instructions because you seem like you have more than a grasp of it. 


I'm not a fan of automatic updates and often won't take advantage of them even if they are provided. I can't speak as to why GoDaddy does or does not do something. Sorry that I couldn't be of more help. 

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roy darling *my posts seem a lot shorter in my head