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Cheated by Godaddy using Godaddy Restore that cost me $150

I accidentally deleted a site folder from my hosting account, which I immediately called Godaddy and informed them of it. I was told that in order for the site to be restored to what I had before the deletion which happened on August 17, 2018 I would have to pay a fee of $150. I paid without hesitation. After checking my account, I discovered that the site files that were restored were upload folders up to November 2017. Nothing from 2018 was restored and 2018 is when my files were uploaded. Even though I was told that I would get back what I had,  it was far from it. I was told that only one copy they would keep which would be the most recent copy, but it's clear that this was far from it. Luckily I still have the database that was untouched (only site folder was deleted) that has all of my articles and properties listings, just not images to go with them.  And no one could explain to why I couldn't get any of my files. I basically paid $150 for nothing, as I still have to go and manually re-upload the files. I didn't get my files and can't get my money back. And I thought the scammers were bad, what's the difference here?.

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Wow @skbcabey, it sounds like your result was not what you expected? I'd like to hear a bit more about you environment so that I can understand why you couldn't/didn't have the ability to restore the files on your own? Are you doing no backups of your own? I know cPanel allows for manual backups and of course GoDaddy does offer automated products like Website Backup which I tell people helps you bring your website back up in the case something goes wrong. Of course depending on your skill level, ability, platform, hosting type... you can set up your own automatic backups.


To avoid a experience like this again I'd start to backup my own website. At the very least take monthly snapshots of your environment. I know that the best advice and support can be elusive so perhaps reach out to our pair yourself with a GoDaddy Pro. There are GoDaddy Pro members for just about every budget and skillet. What you get from a Pro is more of a one-to-one relationship in some cases for the price of a cup of coffee.


Depending on your current hosting and setup I'm sure there are Community members that could also suggest a backup solution to you. Hope that helps?


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