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Can't access my files via FTP or through GoDaddy portal?!?!

Hi all, I've spoken to tech support several times and we still haven't fixed my problem. I've downloaded FileZilla and CoffeeCup ftp clients and when I try to access my files I get a timeout request failed... When I log into my account and click Manage for hosting, then click Manage again, instead of going to my file manager, I again get a request timed out message!!! I just can't figure out what's going on here. I'm using Windows 10 Home, I've installed Internet Explorer, Chrome, and Firefox and they all do the same thing. If I can't get this resolved then I might have to move to another provider since GoDaddy isn't being much help!!


Thanks in advance 


Hey there @Skipmeok,


When connecting through FTP are you using the hosting IP address, or what are you using exactly?  And have you run any trace routes yet by chance? 



Hi ADK, thanks for the response. I knew it had to be something on my end, and after several futile attempts to get this working I opted to reset my router. I have Comcast as my service provider and they set the firewall on the router fairly high. I disabled the firewall on the router and will rely on my Norton 360 to protect my network, for now anyways, till I go back in and mess with the router a little more.

Anyways, that all I needed, shutoff the firewall on my router and life is good.


Thank you