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500 internal server error after installing quickstart

i hope godaddy support team could help me

after installing joomla quickstart

i can log into admin panel

but i can not view my website just i get

this mesage


500 internal server error

what should i do


p s : during joomla installation there was an error said ((configuration.php)) is not writable

so i uploaded it manually


Good Morning!


GoDaddy Community is a platform built entirely for customers so they can interact with each other. You can share experiences, product knowledge, and offer assistance to one another. In regards to the 500 error your seeing when your accessing your hosting plan, it could be a number of things. You can check out this article and see if it helps. If you still have trouble, feel free to call in to our Hosting Department and talk with one of our Reps to see if they can take a look. I hope this helps!

Ive had similar issues with mine since last saturday. I was told by them that there is an issue with one of their shared hosting servers and they are working on fixing it. I'm hoping its soon, I've lost a week of production on the site because of it.