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    Scroll/Follow sidebar



    I have been using the Builder for a few months now. Recently some of my customers have asked me to add a sidebar with my company info (plain text with phone numbers and email) that follows them as they scroll down to see my products.


    Searching I can see that the option was available in V6 but not on the current version of the builder.

    Talked to customer support and they referred me to the HTML button.


    I've been trying to figure out how to add the Follow/Scroll sidebar but so far no success. In CSS I can see there's a simple option for this, but not for HTML.


    Is there any way of doing this?


    Any help will be aprreciated.





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    Re: Scroll/Follow sidebar

    Hi @Bronson, thanks for posting.

    You can include some CSS in the HTML blocks that would be specific to that HTML. Doing this you can use fixed positioning. Some more information on working with positioning can be found at this site:



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    Re: Scroll/Follow sidebar

    how do I put the links in the html code