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    Hosting Files for Download by Customers

    How exactly would I go about setting up a feature whereby customers can download a specific file I have uploaded for them.

    The file would be stored on my GoDaddy website. I would send the customer a link to that file that I previously uploaded (like the old Adobe 'Sign and Review')..

    Have been told this is possible by GoDaddy on line chat, but few details (e.g. use a "c-panel" but what is such a thing and why is it not listed as one of the options for a web page)..

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    Re: Hosting Files for Download by Customers



    Are you using GoCentral?  If so, you can create a page with the link to the file and send that link to your customers. 


    • Be sure to turn off: Show in Navigation
    • Make the Page Private: More about that here.

    Does that help? Smiley Wink


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    Re: Hosting Files for Download by Customers

    Thank you so much @Muse .

    After I have created this private page, do you have advice as to how I create a page that I can upload and store a file (it will be an Adobe Acrobat - pdf - file) to?

    Re: Hosting Files for Download by Customers

    Cancel my last query - have worked out how to do that myself. Thanks so very much