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    Email Autoresponder Not Working

    I have set up a form to collect emails as well as an autoresponder to immediately send a welcome message to those who sign up, but the welcome email never sends. I have tested the form, it collects the emails and adds them to the proper subscriber list. If you pause the autoresponder and then resume it, a message comes up that says it will send the emails to those on the list within one hour, but the email account I am testing with never receives it. What have I done wrong?

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    Re: Email Autoresponder Not Working

    You can check again the form code and remove errors. May be email configuration is not valid.

    If there is an option for setting up SMTP email address, then you may also consider setting up SMTP email address to use the custom email sender name for the auto-responder.

    Zulfiqar Anees | GoDaddy PRO | Founder/CEO at TechMag , ZulWeb , ETS
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    Re: Email Autoresponder Not Working

    Hi there,


    There is a checkbox to "send immediately", make sure you've checked that box in your Autoresponder setup.  If it still isn't working please let me know the website where this is setup and we'll take a look.

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