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Nowhere to enter transfer-in authorisation code :(

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I bought the transfer, I have the authorisation code from the other provider where the domain used to be, but I never saw where to put the code into Go Daddy.
In domain management i just see that the domain "needs an authorisation code" but there's nowhere to put that code in. When I read the instructions it says I should be prompted to put the code in, but I wasn't prompted.
Where do I put the code in? The process seems to be stuck in the middle with no way out.
Thanks in advance anyone who can help?


Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: Nowhere to enter transfer-in authorisation code :(

Hi @marky176. Thanks for being part of GoDaddy Community! 


Usually, you should be able to find the place to enter your codes by accessing the Transfers In page (see below). However, I'm not seeing a transfer for that domain in our system currently. You may want to connect with our support team if you have purchased a transfer and it isn't appearing in your account. 


transfer in.jpg


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Re: Nowhere to enter transfer-in authorisation code :(

I have the same problem.  I bought a transfer for a bunch of my domains.  And the page says "needs authorization code".  I got the code via email from the old registrar (dotster), and an email from you with instructions.  But _nothing_ in the instructions tells me where to enter the code!!!


So digging around I found this URL seems to be the page, where XXX is the domain, but it seems you can only get to it right after you buy the transfer (I bought it before I knew to get the codes).


So I put in my domains but it says they are "Domain is already hosted here."


How do I complete the transfer for these domains now that I have the codes?

Top priority in my list:


Re: Nowhere to enter transfer-in authorisation code :(

scottsmith1 Here is the URL of the page to enter the codes:


The links in the email only take you to the help screen, and the help screen does not actually tell you where to go.

Re: Nowhere to enter transfer-in authorisation code :(

I am so frustrated I want to quit..... Almost 4 weeks I am trying to set up domain with Go Daddy.  NO LUCK


Re: Nowhere to enter transfer-in authorisation code :(

Please reach out to our live support teams so we can help you with the issue that you're dealing with.  We certainly don't want you to feel frustrated, and our agents will make sure to review your situation in detail & provide you with options for getting the situation addressed.  Thanks.