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Not receiving authorization codes

I read all over the Internet that Godaddy specializes in keeping your domains hostage. Well, I'm requesting authorization codes for all my domains (14 of them) and not receiving any. I've also set my private registrations to forward ALL emails just in case. My domains DO NOT fall in their 60 days of changing anything or registering, etc... Other registrars are click and code appears, Go daddy really does everything to lure you in but does everything they can to keep you behind bars once there.


COntacting Support is useless they refer you back to how to request your authorization codes. Really funny.


How can I get my codes??? I want out!!!


Re: Not receiving authorization codes

Hi @karras,


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It's easy to get your authorization codes through a download from your Domain Manager. Please use the instructions below, making sure you click the box for "Authorization code" in the process. Please note that most CCTLDs (country-code domains) will require an escalation to request those codes for you. Our support can get that started within minutes for those specific domains. 


Create an Exportable list of your domains:





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