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Does GoDaddy offer 301 redirects for domains?

Hello I currently have yahoo web hosting. They do not offer or let you use 301 redirects. I need 301 redirects because google is seeing my www and my non www pages as dupliciate content. I want to switch and transfer to go daddy. My question is does godaddy offer 301 redirects. Thank you for any and all information.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: Help with 301 redirects

Hi @george-2018. Thanks for being part of GoDaddy Community! GoDaddy does provide free domain forwarding that would allow you to create a 301 redirect to another URL. However, you wouldn't be able to use it to redirect your to your Redirects of this nature usually occur on your hosting server. Keep in mind that changing your domain registrar (transferring the domain registration) does not mean you'd change web hosting providers. Your web hosting provider is where your website and its files exist. If you want to transfer your website hosting to GoDaddy, you would be able to set up a redirect with our any of our hosting plans. Hope that helps. 


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