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Won a Domain from Auction



I have won a domain from the auction today. There were two options, one for bidding $20, and the other one was to buy the domain straightforward in $75. I decided to buy the domain and make the payment. I got the payment receipt from Godaddy and also received an email from Godaddy. 


But the domain is not visible in my account. When I go to Auction Domain >> Bidding List >> Won Domain, I can see the domain name and status is: "Funds received, authorization pending"


Why the authorization is pending while funds are deducted from my Card. And when I will get that domain into my account so that I can start work on it? 


Do I need to do anything else from my side? Any extra payment or any other documents which I need to provide to Godaddy team for authorization? 

domain won.JPG


Need help on this. 




Re: Won a Domain from Auction

Hi @bukharifaran,


Congratulations on the auction win!  After you win a domain name on Go Daddy Auctions®, you must contact the domain seller. (Please note -- due to payment verifications, the option below will not be available until 5 days after your purchase in the account with us.) 

1. Log in to Go Daddy Auctions.
2. Hover your mouse over the Bidding List menu, and then select Won.
3. Click Email Seller for the domain name.
4. Enter the message, and then click Send Mail.

You will need to contact the seller and request three things in order to complete the transfer of the domain into your account.
1. unlock the domain at the current registrar
2. forward the codes they have received from us (Transaction ID and Security Code) to you, the buyer. [If there is privacy on the domain, the owner will need to remove it. The codes can then be resent.]
3. obtain an Authorization Code from the current registrar and provide to you, the buyer

Once you have these three actions done, you may complete the transfer authorization in your account with us.

TLH - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
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Re: Won a Domain from Auction

Thank you for the help. 

Re: Won a Domain from Auction

I can't seem to find the "Email Seller" button anywhere on my page where would I find this?

Re: Won a Domain from Auction

I apologize! I do not understand what this button you're asking? I need to study up on selling Domain Names.


Re: Won a Domain from Auction

Sorry but i cant find “Email seller” ?

Re: Won a Domain from Auction

It has come to our attention that xxxxxxxx is no longer available and therefor will not be able to complete the transaction as agreed. At this time we have taken action against the seller and have issued a refund for the purchase of this domain. The refund will be processed to the original payment method used. Please let us know if you have any questions and we apologize for the inconvenience.



Above are the status only after I email to Was not given any kind of update before and waited for 7 days and this is what I got. The domain is registered using Godaddy. How can they said no longer available?

Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: Won a Domain from Auction

Hi @kenwei2. Thanks for posting. This situation can happen if a domain is listed by an account holder that is not the registrant of the domain. This is possible in our system. For instance, sometimes people use a 3rd party to register domains for them. Even though the account is held by one party, the other is listed as the registrant for the domain. If the registrant objects to the posting of the domain, then our Auctions team would respond in the way you indicated. I hope that clarifies the situation. 


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