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What's Your Process for Domaining?

I have gone as far as calling up potential customers, companies with similar (yet non-trademarked) names.


Otherwise I just list then sit and wait, AND HOPE for somebody to bid on the domain.


What do you do? Have any sites or forums that you advertise on with success? 

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Re: What's Your Process for Domaining?

I find that being proactive is absolutely the way to go @qcbugz so I often play offense as well. Additionally I will often offer domains I feel fit well to my web design clients and often broker domains on behalf of a client. Domaining is mostly a waiting game but given the holding price you can often still make a profit. 


One thing you might want to try is to develop domains you have. Nothing works when selling a domain like traffic. I sold a slogan domain to a company because it often appeared in searches before their own website. Add reaching out to those on social media who could use a domain you hold. The last trick I do is renew domains I'm holding for ten years. It provides built in value to the purchaser AND also gives them the hint that they can't wait you out. Depending on your buy rate a domain purchased for an extended term could generate money even without a premium price. 


Basically my advice is to play the long game. I hope that helps? 


...turns out that my two cents is worth less or more depending on the current exchange rate.

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Re: What's Your Process for Domaining?

That sounds like a legitimate strategy, thank you for your well-needed input @rd.