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Is Godaddy Stealing Domains out from under us?

I tried to purchase a quality domain that was still available. Before I could checkout is what taken already. Maybe 60 seconds transpired.


I checked the whois and sure enough it has been registered within seconds of me adding the item to my cart.


Is this a common practice with Godaddy? Seems to both be in conflict with their business model as well as being greasy and sneaky. So tired of these big companies having no respect for customers anymore.


These "executives" making these decisions should have to wear a special badge so we can better tell them apart from us Humans.


Re: Is Godaddy Stealing Domains out from under us?

I have seen this happen to others and myself as well. I learned very quickly that if you check the availability of a domain and it is available then buy it ASAP! If you hesitate it will be gone without a doubt! My guess is there are either humans or bots that scoop up domains that someone has shown an interest in. It's not fair in my book but then again what is starting the top office in the white house!

Just my 2 cents worth.

Re: Is Godaddy Stealing Domains out from under us?

**bleep** company. Steal the domain name, what I was looking for and about to buy. what a coincident....right? nope, it's "GoDaddy. Do not search and buy the domain names from this site.  

Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: Is Godaddy Stealing Domains out from under us?

Hi everyone. I wanted to provide some clarification here. GoDaddy is definitely not registering domains after they are searched, though this has been brought up many times. This practice is sometimes called domain name front running, and it's definitely NOT something that GoDaddy does. There is a good article (from a 3rd party) on what usually happens here. Most of the time the issue is that the domain was actually already registered, but our website returned a false positive. This can happen for several reasons, but the most common is a miscommunication with the domain registry. 


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