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problem logging into my main godaddy account - 2 step verfication code problem!!!!

My Name from Nigeria


i have problem logging into my main godaddy account because 2-step verification not coming through to my phone, godaddy has no online support and support ticket option except call which does not go through most times because i'm calling from nigeria, i really need my godaddy account 2-step verification to be disabled for me so that i can have access to my domain.


P.S This account i am using to post this article is not my main account, i created it to get help from the community, please i need help and suggestions.


Thank you.


welcome to the club!!! i have the same problem and i sent them all the legal documents but they keep asking for documents that doesn't exist in my country!!!


What a miss!!! your OTP code doesn't work in Amman/ Jordan!!!! wake-up Godaddy support!