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Where is the complaints email address? - original website had 5 free email address's.

I was sold a website last year, which replaced my previous go daddy website, the original website had 5 free email address's with it. After being persuaded to move over to the new website builder, I was then told it only comes with 1 free email address. This annoyed me, but I reluctantly paid for an extra email address. 1 year down the line I've been asked to pay the extortionate fee of £57 (inc vat) for a SINGLE email address! WWHHHAAAT! I certainly wasn't told my 1 free email address was only for a year, and that after that time I was going to be ripped off! 

To make matters really frustrating, there is no-one out there to vent my concerns with. No-one who wants to resolve the issue, and retain a customer. All I get is someone on a 'chat' who can't even spell! AAAARRGGHHH


Hi @c4claire

Welcome to our community forums! We do not offer email support. I suggest giving our support team a call to discuss any issues you are having with your account and to file a complaint. We changed our free email services a while ago, sorry if you were not aware or informed of this. 

KayJay - GoDaddy | Community Moderator
24/7 support available at