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Sneaky charge at checkout

Sadly, GoDaddy has charged my account an extra $4.99 that I was unaware of at checkout... You know, us humans make mistakes... I have spent 10's of thousands of dollars with them over the last 5 years, only to be told, "No, you ordered it, so you are stuck with it. It was over 30 days ago."... Well... I have decided this is the last time I'm dealing with this type of stuff from GoDaddy... I will move literally 100 managed wordpress sites away from GoDaddy... Have a great day and enjoy your $4.99!!!!

Super User III

What was the $4.99 charge for?

The return policy was made perfectly clear from your agent on the phone. Under no circumstance, no matter how much a person spends with your company ( Even if it's thousands each and every year for about 6 years ), a $4.99 charge cannot be removed, because I made a mistake. I get it. I AM AN IDIOT and GoDaddy has their policies that don't bend... Kind of sad... I give great customers breaks each and every day in my business, but I am no GODADDY...


Thanks for taking the time to reach out to me.