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Refund not been made

I was told by support I would receive a refund in 5 days and this was over a week ago. I was also told I would receive an email confirming the refund. How long should I wait before I file a paypal claim?

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Most often time frames given are only an estimate @disgruntled. You can also expect that estimate was in business days and not calendar days as that is the standard thought. Also it's not all GoDaddy, your credit card company or bank is in this as well and have their own processing time. Something requested on a Friday might not even get looked at until Monday even though we're living in a modern age?


I'd usually say put an item on your calendar to remind you to check back at the time given then make a "Can you check the status of this" call at the seven (7) business day mark. I hope that helps? 


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