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My website expired and now it's missing

my website are expired and i renew it and i need the data and file nessesary 

the supporter told me the website file deleted from company !!!!!!!!!

how can i have my file now 

my file and data importent for me 

Is it reasonable that a hosting company such as Godaddy delete files of its customers after the end of hosting forever mean to assume the client in an area does not contain the Internet and could not communicate on his site and then after a period of communication could it be surprising that his location is deleted
I deleted my site and the day before the deletion I spoke with supporter and told me that the files can be retrieved at any time with payment of $ 150 and did not tell me there is a period for this service and then the files are permanently deleted I now ask the company I want to get my files and my site and ready to pay any amount important Get my deleted site. . It is not reasonable for a company to delete its customers with such ease

Community Manager

So sorry to hear this @igate! The best thing to do is call back and ask to talk with one of our supervisors to see if they can help you with this. Do it right away. Take care and I hope everything works out for you. 


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